Associations & Groups

You can always find a game at Quail Creek with our Men's and Women's Golf Associations and our weekly open groups.

  • Men's Golf Association
    • The Quail Creek Men’s Golf Association (MGA) was formed to provide Quail Creek Men with a regular game of golf, while promoting friendship, fellowship and sportsmanship. The MGA administers most Quail Creek Country Club Men’s major golf tournaments, including the popular Ryder Cup event and the Men’s Invitational. All new Members to Quail Creek, regardless of skill level, have the opportunity to be immediately introduced into opportunities that fit their individual golfing goals.

  • Women's Golf Association

    • The Quail Creek Women’s Golf Association (WGA) was formed in 1982 for the purpose of organizing golf activities, promoting events and encouraging friendly competition among the Members.

      WGA membership is open to all women golfing members, as well as wives and significant others of golfing Members of Quail Creek Country Club, in good standing. Members enjoy playing 18 holes of golf on both the Creek and Quail Courses while making new friends. WGA meets every Wednesday for an 8:30 am Shotgun and ends with a luncheon in the Cypress Room. In addition to weekly games, there are many exciting events planned by WGA event chairs: Opening Day, Member/Member, Queens Classic, Presidents Cup, Holiday and Spring Charity, two Member/Guest days, one Invitational and Closing Day.

      Golf and Lunch

      The WGA at Quail Creek Country Club is the busiest golf association, with weekly 18-hole events that begin with an 8:30 am Shotgun followed by lunch. Events are divided between computer-paired formats and make-your-own-foursome, Best Ball events. Thirteen major theme or special event formats throughout the season keep the schedule exciting and fun.

  • Lady Niners Golf Association
    • The Quail Creek Lady Niners Golf Association (Lady Niners) was founded in 1986 to promote participation and enjoyment of the game of golf for ladies who prefer playing nine holes. All women golf members, wives and significant others of golf members of QCCC are eligible for membership upon paying dues to the Lady Niners Association. Each year, about 100 women play in this league.

      The Lady Niners hosts a range of events. Throughout the season, Niners play each Monday morning. The format begins with a short lesson on a golf rule or protocol (led by a Golf Shop Pro), followed by a nine-hole round and lunch. The Lady Niners Club Championship marks the end of the season. Other annual activities include: Opening Day; Member/Member and Member/Guest Days; a Holiday Party; Divas Classic Tournament; and Closing Day. Throughout the season, Niners participate in Invitationals and host an event for members from other Collier County clubs every few years. At the popular, monthly Lady Niners Member/Guest Twilite, Members, spouses and friends enjoy late afternoon golf followed by dinner. Regular clinics are also offered to provide an opportunity for improvement.

      Golf and Lunch

      The Lady Niners play nine holes of golf and have lunch on Mondays, Shotgun start at 9:00 am. Weekly events are designed to keep golf interesting and fun. Special golf and rules instruction accompanies the weekly game. The Lady Niners also host a once monthly Nine and Dine Scramble where husbands are invited join the fun.

  • Sample Casual Men's Groups
    • With 20 open, casual golf groups to explore, as well as structured association play, you can play as much or as little golf as you'd like in the format that's best for you.

      Sample Casual Men's Groups

      Group Handicap
      Monday 11:00 am
      Late morning group 18 and under
      Tuesday 10:30 am
      Mid handicap group 14-24
      Tuesday Noon
      All handicap group 18 and over
      Tuesday Noon
      Low handicap group 14 and under
      Thursday 12:30 pm
      Low handicap group 14 and under
      Friday Noon
      Crossover group
      18 and under
  • Men’s Nine-Hole Executive League
    • Nine holes of Best Ball format.
  • Mixed Golf
    • An informal weekly competition of mixed foursomes playing NET 2 Best Ball of 4. First tee mulligan, but all putts that count must be holed out.

Golf Instruction at Quail Creek Country Club

All the golf instructors at Quail Creek have one main goal when it comes to teaching: Helping you get more enjoyment out of the game of golf. Our methods are simple:

  • Identify and explain what is currently happening to your club and body and why you get an undesired result
  • Show, tell, demonstrate and help you feel the correct movement
  • Give you drills, practice skills and methods to help you improve
  • Inject humor, understanding and patience into your entire learning process

Golf Schools
Golf Schools are two-hour sessions that run biweekly, beginning in October, and are available to all Golf Members, Social Members and Guests of Members. Topics rotate and cover a variety of topics, including driving and putting; pitching and chipping; and hybrids and irons. These classes are a great way to improve your game without the stress or cost of an individual lesson. Participants meet other Members and learn in a relaxed group environment.